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A Quick And Easy Way To Gain Clarity, Purpose, and Take Control, of Your Life (…Even if you have no experience in Astrology)! I've designed this certification course to give you fast results that you can apply in your own life and others.  
  •  Personal teaching: Live teaching online where your questions are answered in real time.
  • Real life application: Learn how your birth chart affects you and how to make it work for you from your first week of classes.
  • Easy to understand material: No technical jargon, everything is broken down into simple language that you can understand and apply.
Anyone can learn Astrology, but few people take the time to learn this ancient art. Many don't realize how much of an impact understanding Astrology truly has on their daily lives! If you have a desire to see change in yourself and others and you are tired of not having a way to find direction, it's time to take the next step and be a part of my class.
You Are One Step Away From A Clearer Future!
Now I want to give you the skills to do this for yourself, without having to rely on someone else to guide you through your life. You will be able to take control and understand the present and future path you have ahead of you. The value of this is immeasurable!
Professional Astrologers Charge $120-$400 Per Appointment!

What Sets This Apart From Other Astrology Classes?

   Detailed and Easy-to-Understand Materials, Even for a Newbie.
   All Materials Are Included.
    All Modules Included in Your Certification Course.

Gain Clarity, Purpose, and Take Control, of Your Life 
($585 Value)
This Online Course makes it Easy to Understand the functions of a chart which enables you to identify your planets, signs, houses and this means you will finally be able to understand your birth chart.


Go Deeper to Unveil Your Energies
($585 Value)
This Online Course is your Solution to learn how the planets and placement work together which lets you better understand their day to day influence in your life and Get to navigating your future.


Discover Your 
Chart Secrets
($585 Value)

This Online Course is Your Secret to Learn the relationships of roles and how calculations matter, which makes it so you understand the dynamic of placement in the chart and Feeling less frustration and confusion on planets playing nice or not.

Total Value is $1,755...But I'm offering a HUGE DISCOUNT for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

I truly want to see each person be able to guide themselves and others, on the path to clarity and happiness. Because of my passion for your success, I can only offer a limited number of spaces for this Live session. 

  • What do you want to know about yourself?
  • ​Do you want to help guide others on their journey?
  • ​What's in store for your path forward?
Let's Get You Started on Your Path TODAY!!

Three Amazing FREE Bonuses!

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  • FIRST BONUS - History of Astrology Class: Learn how humankind's earliest observations and collective wisdom dating back almost 5,000 years and how these apply to the world today. 
  • SECOND BONUS - Proprietary Study Deck: Learn elements of this class fast and easy with our study deck of cards designed by me.  I wish I had this when I was learning. 
  • THIRD BONUS - Weekly Group Study to Get Unstuck or to Review Your Work.

Here is a Recap of Everything Your Getting Today

  • Clarity - Module 1: Understand the Language of Astrology ($585 Value)
  • Unveiling - Module 2: What's the Chart Communicating ($585 Value)
  • Secrets - Module 3: Learn how the Planets and Placement Mingle ($585 Value)
  • ​Ancient History - Bonus 1: How did Astrology happen and evolve ($170 Value)
  • ​Study Deck - Bonus 2: Proprietary Study Cards ($30 Value)
  • ​Unstuck - Bonus 3: Every week we will get online and get you unstuck from the weeks lessons and charts we interpret ($1,000 Value)

All of This is Valued at $2,955!

But Today, Your Getting All Of This...

For Only $650


I Have One More Offer For You!

When I first started out this was honestly so much money for me. I don't want you held back from making your decision, and be able to get you what you need.  So I talked with my team and we are offering this for 2 payments of $325!  So you can pay as you go and not worry about missing out.

Written by An Astrologer who has paid thousands to learn Astrology, has a successful practice, and understands what a beginner needs to know right now to apply to your chart in real life situations.

I can't wait to meet you and start your new insight into your life and journey!  If you are doing this for yourself, to help others, or just because you have to know; this will be a life changing course you will have with you forever. I strongly believe knowledge is power and when used with astrology you get the key to the knowledge.
-Jessica Martin
P.S. : Space is limited in my class. My focus is on teaching YOU so you're able to use and apply Astrology in your life right away! Let's get you started on changing your future and bringing clarity into your Life.
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Class schedule:

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 PM (PST)

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